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with Sandun (blind therapist)

Bookings at the Sri Yoga Shala Reception / phone / whats app: +94765691672

Japanese Acupressure Technique with visually impaired, local therapist. Sandun has been working with us since the beginning. His magic hands have been praised by many.

60/90min 6,500 / 8,000LKR

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Healing Therapies

with Cyril

Bookings at the Sri Yoga Shala Reception / phone / whats app: +94765691672

Consultation 15min free

Fascia Therapy

45min / 8,000LKR

A blend of Massage, Aromatherapy and restorative movement based on yoga postures in combination with the manipulation of the soft and connective tissues (fascia). You will enjoy the benefit of an oil massage and the eastern approach of the energy body. Very good in case of deep, chronic and serious pain.

Naturopathic Health Constitution

45min / 8,000LKR

Combines all modalities, eyes and pulse reading, traditional chinese medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal medicine. We’ll define where your pain or ailment is coming from and how to eradicate it from your lifestyle. A summary will be sent by email.

Zen Thai Massage

60min / 8,000LKR

A soft but efficient Thai Massage Technique which travelled around Asia. We’ll work your body out using gentle stretch and pressure points to activate your meridians. You will leave the space energized and rejunevated.

Yoga Therapy

60min / 12,500LKR 5 x sessions 50,000LKR

Together we will tailor a routine for your specific needs, using a postural practice to address any physical ailments. There are over 100 postures to address over 30 different types of ailments.

Chakra Healing

60min / 8,000LKR

Combining sound healing, gemstones and mantras, both the practitioner and the receiver enter a meditative state to receive a deep sense of peace and happiness and allow the energies to flow naturally. Discover how light and peaceful you can be without any effort.

Californian Hypnosis

120min / 16,000LKR

This technique is based on north American Indian Shamanism and traditional Hypnosis. Useful in case of emotional, relational or behavioral issues or patterns. It encourages self-healing by allowing the individual to work on the emotional and mental while accessing the subconscious mind with the support of the therapist who guides the session. Age regression, past life regression, higher self therapies are some of the tools used in here.

About Cyril:

For 7 consecutive years Cyril studied all the proposed modalities with Doctor Iyengar Jagadish, a family member of TKV Krishnamacharya (also called "the father of modern yoga") in Mysore. He completed the curriculum of the Californian Hypnosis Insititute of India.

Cyril has a daily yoga and meditation practice since almost 15 years. He is there to accompany you on this healing journey with knowledge and compassion.


Holistic Ayurvedic Consultation

with Marjorie

Bookings at the Sri Yoga Shala Reception / phone / whats app: +94765691672


60-90min 10,000LKR

The constitution test is the first step to determine what is your true nature (Prakruti). Knowing your dosha ( Vata, Pitta, Kapha ) will help you to understand how you function naturally physical, mentally and emotionally.

From there, based on the result, we will together find what balances you. Once the constitution test is done, I will help you identify your actual state (Vikruti), what creates unbalance, and what can be improved in your daily life through very simple tips&tools. All doshas have specific characteristics, and some special food or habits can either balance or disturb them.

"I believe in an urban and modern approach of Ayurveda. During an individual consultation, my goal is to help you introduce some simple Ayurvedic principles in your busy life. No overcontrolling, or strict discipline, only knowledge and awareness is needed, think "Butterfly Effect".Sometimes the smallest change has the biggest effect!"

During this hour long consultation, you will discover your original constitution and also determine the present imbalance to focus on.

Come as you are, bring a little note book and a pen to bring back home a few tips to improve your everyday routine.
Can't wait to meet you!

About me:

Marjorie had her first contact with yoga and meditation when she was 13 years old and since then, keeps looking into the mind-body-soul connection. She is a Vinyasa teacher and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. She is French but lived in over 6 countries and travels as much as possible to learn and share her love for yoga and alternative therapies.

"I work with Ayurveda, and alternative therapies for over 13 years, I regularly practice Yoga for over 8, part of it in US. I truly believe that the secret to be happy and healthy is to combine an appropriate yoga practice, mediation and breath, and an intuitive and personal approach to Ayurveda.

My extended background in Ayurveda began in Portugal in 2005. I was an Ayurvedic massage therapist (Method Kusum Modak, Pune) for over 7 years. I now share my love for Ayurveda through Holistic Ayurvedic consultations. An Ayurvedic approach based on individual coaching that helps create an easy and healthy diet and habits, but also understand our true nature, create awareness to find a physical, mental and emotional balance.

I have been traveling around Europe and some parts of the world, learning, experimenting, diving into different therapies and sciences in order to find the mind-body-soul connection, the connection from lower self to the higher self and help people finding theirs."


Inversion Bodywork

with Hubert

Hangab – Inversion Bodywork
Sliding scale 12,000-15,000LKR / 90min

Let go – realign – reset

In a Hangab-Session you are gently lifted into an inversion (either partly or full flying) step by step and so slow, that the body has time to adapt. It is the key to avoid uncomfortable pressure in the head.

Hangab allows you to release, let go and enter a stillpoint feeling with the sensation of flying, wellbeing and total relaxation.

Potential benefits: Relief and regeneration of the spine, discs, joints, release of emotions, tensions, traumas, a reset of the body, energy system, increased activation of self-healing powers, balance of pelvic obliquity and many more benefits...(For more Info, read our test with a doctor, osteopath and kinesiologist at

Description: Going up as slow as possible is the key. From a laying relaxation, only the legs are lifted, we give a brief introduction and help you to relax. In the next step we lift the pelvis of the floor and continue step by step into half candle and shoulderstand. Going up can take up to 20-25 min which is the required speed for the body to adjust to the inversion allowing you to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. You will be guided into different pleasant positions, stretches, soft swinging and intuitive work. Wether we do a Hangab-Ground Session(up until shoulderstand) or go all the way into Hangab-Flying, the mind shuts off and tensions relax. Letting go can be physical, mental, emotional or silent. In every case it is a deep journey into yourself, very often perceived as an experience out of time and space.