DATE: Sunday, 25th December, 3.30-5.30

Heart Opening Flow

While celebrating the return of the light during Christmas, we take some time in this workshop to illuminate ourselves and let our inner light shine. In this two hour practice, we will open the heart center in mindful awareness and allow love, which is our true nature, to flow freely out of us.

Experience freedom and Bliss in the body, mind and heart while moving through a series of backbends. Open up, recharge, get inspired and practice Ahimsa, the art of loving kindness.



DATE: Saturday 29th October, 3.30-5.30pm


Designed for those with tight hips and hamstrings, this workshop will emphasise on creating space and softness into the back of the legs and the areas around the hips. 

We will work through a series of poses that are held for a long time, approaching all the movements and their internal responses from a place of intention, observation and kindness. We will explore the different effects of tightness in the hips and legs on the rest of the body to gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful meditative practice.

Yin Yoga is a more passive form of yoga as opposed to the more dynamic forms of yoga such as Vinyasa Flow. Instead of focusing on lengthening and strengthening the muscles, we focus on the joints and the deeper connective tissues like the fascia and the ligaments.




DATE: Saturday 22nd October, 3-5pm

INVESTMENT: 2500LKRVery often after the yoga lesson we feel pain in our low back, joint pain, neck and many other parts of the body. We think “I am not flexible, yoga is not for me, etc”. But Yoga is meant for everyone. 
Nobody is excluded from it. It is the right accent which make your practice safe and affordable. 

In this workshop we will talk about our base – our feet. Our feet –  are our foundation, our basement.

What happens to the house, if the basement is not built correctly? How do we have to work with our legs during our yoga practice? What is the connection between our legs and our self-confidence?

larisa MISCHENko

with Julia Barkova

YOGA AND EMOTIONS  / Iyengar Yoga Workshop

DATE: 15th October, 3-5pm


How does yoga practice affect your emotions? Can we influence emotions like apathy or lack of confidence through yoga practice? How can we become friends with our body, how can we learn to love it?



DATE: 03. – 10. Ocotber, 4-6pm
INVESTMENT: Full Immersion / 7 x 2hour Sessions 15000LKR
11500LKR / 5 Sessions
7000LKR / 3 Sessions
2500LKR per Session

yoga+chakra psychology+energy work+meditation

Experience your spiritual energy centers, chakras, through 7 days of Chakra Flow, a combination of asanas, chakra psychology, energy work and meditation. Each day will focus on each Chakra, starting from the root going up to the crown. Find out which body part relates to which chakra, how to work with each chakra individually, and how Chakra Flow can help you to uplift your energy, bring you into flow with life, release hidden or blocked energies and emotions, create strength and confidence, help you to speak your truth, gain deeper inside and stay connected with the Divine.





DATE: 1st October 3.30-5.30pm


Find space and freedom, with an emphasis on integrating compassion in all areas of your life. Let go of  excess physical, mental and emotional tension in the hips.



DATE: 17th September, 3.30-5.30, 18th September 1-3pm & 4-6pm

INVESTEMENT: 2500LKR per workshop or 6000LKR for all 3 workshops

A system of yoga designed for athletes to enhance performance, improve recovery and raise consciousness. Combining the wisdom of ancient traditions, modern science and sport psychology.

FLOWॐ POWER  – 17th September, 3.30-5.30pm

RESTॐRELAX – 18th September, 1-3p

CALMॐAWAKE – 18th September, 4-6pm



DATE: Saturday 10th September, 3.30-5.30pm


Fuel your inner fire, stimulate circulation and digestion, promote elimination, clear your mind and activate prana



DATE: 3rd September, 3.30-5.30pm


In Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the heart is the seat of deep wisdom and intuitive instinct that is often paradoxical and counter intuitive.  In this workshop we will explore the heart space through a delicious series of heart opening asanas and through the crown jewel of Buddhist scriptures: Hrdaya Sutram.  Come and discover the eternal wisdom that is your heart!


MELTING MANDALAS – unfortunately cancelled – please join us on Sunday 28th August for NIK ROBSON´S Explore Yoga Session, 4-6pm – exploring the Daoist Side of Yin Yoga, don´t miss out! 

DATE: 27th AUGUST, 3.30-5.30pm tbc





DATE: 20th August, 3.30-5.30pm

The release and opening of the hips is no stranger to yoga. The yogic belief is that we hold many forms of unresolved emotional pain in these joints, which cause us suffering and upset through our lifetime. A Forrest Yoga Intensive is a workshop lending itself through ancient wisdom, pranayama and yoga asana, with the intention of healing our emotional mind-body connection.

Hip Therapy will lead you to focus your awareness on the root and sacral chakras with mindful breath followed through a slow warm up of asana to awaken the entire body. Forrest Yoga Abs will then fire up feeling through your solar plexus preparing you for the journey into the hips. The awakening of the 3 energy centers will prepare you for the profound self-healing your body is truly capable of. This is the gift of yoga.

….and combine with your Sunday morning early practice:


DATE: 21st AUGUST, 7.30-9am

INVESTMENT: Drop-In Class, 1900LKR

A spin off class of Primary Backbends, will be held the following morning to further build upon of this deep releasing and progress a step further towards the opening of the heart space, the 4th chakra. This 80 min session will work through the old-pain patterns that disconnect you from your heart and spirit. Through a slow release of the neck and shoulders with focused breath, this class will see you in through foundational back-bending asana into more healing.

The intention of this Forrest Yoga series is to bridge the connection between mind, body and spirit – the union of the three is what we refer to as yoga.

Both the workshop and the class can be taken as a series or independently as they are complete session on their own.


C R E A T E  S P A C E  – A Yin Yoga Immersion Weekend


DATE: 13th AUGUST, 3.30-5.30pm

INVESTMENT: 2500LKR per workshop 6500LKR for all 3 of them

Introducing the foundational principals and philosophy of Yin Yoga. Learn to embody yin qualities in body and mind through a quiet, introspective practice.


DATE: 14th AUGUST, 1- 3pm

INVESTMENT: 2500 per workshop or 6500LKR for all 3 them

A powerful and unique hip opening flow incorporating intuitive fluid movement to create a deep release of the psoas muscle.


DATE: Sunday 14th, 4-6pm

INVESTMENT: 2500 per workshop or 6500LKR for all 3 of them

Stimulate the heart space with postures to open the shoulders and thoracic spine. Incorporate the power of intention to find connection through the anahata chakra.



DATE: 6th August 2016, 3.30-5.30pm


Here we will journey through body and mind to discover what limits us in opening the heart! Whether it be physical restriction, breath or even just fear, we will explore how to move beyond these obstacles to create free flowing movement in our backs, deep relaxation, improved breath awareness and an opened heart space.

This workshop is suitable for all levels and styles of practitioner!


with Mike Lowman

YOGA FOR SURFERS (and non-surfers!)

DATE: 30th July 2016, 3-5.30pm


This experience has been carefully crafted to cater for your surfing needs. Maximise your potential in the water with practical yoga techniques including: breathwork, strengthening, balancing and opening postures as well as meditation. Come ride the next wave with us at Sri Yoga Shala and connect your mind body and surf. 

All are welcome!



DATE: 23rd July, 3-5pm


A workshop inspired by Shiva Rea’s ‘Mandala of 108 Asanas’ where we will focusing on the energetic alignment of the key postures (asanas), develop our capacity to move with strength and ease, and begin to feel our embodiment as experience the intuitiveness of vinyasa by moving from the breath.

This is an opportunity to go deeper in your practice exploring the three phases or ‘kramas’ of each asana. Diving into the dynamic namaskars and playing with creative sequencing with plenty of time for questions as we explore the more intermediate and advanced variations.



DATE: 9th July 2016, 3.30-6pm


Inversions can be anything you want them to be, from Standing Forward Bend to Downward Facing Dog to Headstand.


They can be a deep release for the spine, a rush of blood to the brain to give clarity, the defiance of gravity and even the conquering of fear. Whatever inversion you choose you are in danger of feeling freedom and joy!!!

Join Serena Burgess, Uk Qualified, registered Senior Teacher and founder of Colombo’s The Om Space for this 2 hour workshop to explore, experiment and discover the joys of being upside down!

Change your perspective as we learn, play and laugh with Serena’s easy-going teaching style and her methodical and safe learning strategy. We’ll start with a light practice and then some strength work to prepare the body and end with some juicy restorative postures. In between we’ll work from simple to challenging inversions with step by step instructions and no pressure to push further than you wish to. You’ll leave feeling energised, balanced, empowered and inspired, whatever level you are at.

All levels welcome to come and play.



DATE: 2nd JULY 2016 3-5pm


Explore the essential tools needed  to begin or progress your arm-balancing practice! Learn how to build strength, confidence and understand the basics of these fun poses in a 2 hr workshop guaranteed to light your fire and send you home beaming 


HIP OPENING – unfortunately cancelled –

DATE: 25th June 2016, 4-6pm


Once we have learned the basic foundation and balance in yoga, most bodies experience their hips are preventing them from making progress in the postures. It is important to break this barrier of misaligned or tight hips to get positive energy flowing, to increase one’s circulation and to find the joy of an easy flow of asana’s.

There are many reasons for why our hips are tight and tensed. This workshop aims to both identify each person’s challenges and help to find ways of overcoming them.


ON TOUR IN EUROPE – first stop Zürich / Switzerland and Munich / Germany

Yogahaus Zürich

DATE: 18th June, 4-6pm, 19th June 10-12pm, 4-6pm

More Info:

Chaingang Studio München

DATE: Monday 20th – Thursday 24th, 19.30-21.30

More Info: please email to



DATE: 18th June 2016, 3-5pm


The Art of Vinyasa

Inspired by the structure and all around benefits of the Ashtanga `Primary Series´and Shiva Rea´s fluid `Prana Vinyasa´ techqniues. Tara will lead through a 2 hour practice applying the circular mandala variations to Sri K. Patthabo Jois´ powerful linear sequence. An opportunity to have fun and play with the asanas while paying homage to the traditions and art of Ashtanga Vinyasa.



DATE: Friday 17th June 4-5.30pm


In this workshop dedicated on finding our natural singing voices, we will work on different voice excercises that will help us open and project our voices confidently and usefully. These voice excercises can be incorporated into a daily personal practice, as a meditation of sound, a nad yoga.  At the end of the voice training session, we will learn some simple songs/chants, form a chant circle and sing together.

Students of all levels of experience are welcome.



DATE: 4th June 3-6pm


Learn how to go upside down with Emma Sheridan!

Overcome fears and develop confidence, poise and balance as we explore the fundamentals of yoga inversions including handstand, headstand, forearm-stand & shoulder-stand!

All Levels welcome!



DATE: 28th May 3-6pm


Introduction to a vinyasa flow practice
that is specifically designed to balance each of the

This workshop will explore the chakra system – by mapping
out and explaining the seven chakras (vital energy
centers), while uncovering the basics of vinyasa flow. We
will be integrating what some may already know about
Ayurveda and the five elements; and observe ways to use
this lens to better understand how to balance our own lives and live with deeper awareness.



DATE: 21st May, 3.30-5.30pm


Discover the posture of deep stillness and introspection. In this workshop, we will move through a series of preparatory asanas to help you understand and master the posture of the Buddha: Padmasana or Lotus Pose. As this is an advanced posture, we will begin with an intense warm-up and slowly work our way to open the deeper structures of the hips and lower limbs. This workshop is suitable for all practitioners as you will be able to take the postures at a level available to you and will also learn how to practice safely in the future.[




DATE: 14th May, 4-6pm


A Forrest Yoga heart-opening intensive will guide you through a series of invigorating and stimulating poses, urging you to connect to your heart. This intensive is especially designed to help break the walls you’ve built around your heart and clear the blocks from a lifetime of heartache, pain and suffering. It will take you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your very being with the intention of romancing your spirit.

The connection to heart and spirit is a sacred bond we often long for and look outside ourselves to fulfil; not realising the greatest love affair we can experience is that one with ourselves. The intensive will consist of pranayama, intention, warm up of seated asana + forrest yoga abs, the hot part, backbend apex, warm down + cool down and savasana. The Hot Part will be a mix of Sun Salutation A variations and a sweet juicy B-series. In Forrest Yoga, the B-series is Ana’s take on the traditional sun B uniquely sequenced and slowed down to longer holds to get you feeling in your body. This B-series will be complimented with primary backbends to melt away the hardened part around your heart and paving the way for a deeper connection. 

An intensive is a sacred space where you feel safe to open up, work with issues that arise and go beyond your perceived limitations. It will challenge every muscle and cell in your body, create space for healing, help you connect to your spirit and leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and alive.


MEDITATION WORKSHOP – Finding Peace of Mind

DATE: 7th May, 4-6pm

Since thousands of years people have used meditation techniques to quiet the mind and to find greater self understanding. It gives us a peace of mind that helps us to have a much better perception about our lives.

Meditation has not only a positive effect on the mind but also on the body. It lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure and provides a restful sleep.
This workshop is an introduction – we will explore different forms of meditation and you will be given the tools to continue this beautiful practice by yourself.



DATE: Saturday 30th April, 3 – 5:30 pm

Would you like to find freedom and ease of motion in your Yoga practice? Are you interested in how to release tension? This workshop is suitable for all Yoga lovers and Yoga teachers, either beginner or advanced who want to explore a totally different way of practicing inspired by Scaravelli Yoga. The important aim is to work with the body and not against it. We will go back to the bodies nature and we will work with its natural flow and direction of movement. We move out of static postures and bring the body as a whole into a playful and liberating experience.
We will look at how the body is designed to move and how compression influences the whole system. This workshop will teach you how to surrender and let go in your practice, how to wave and roll through the spine and move organically in and out of Yoga postures.


YIN-YANG WORKSHOP – Naturally Balanced

DATE: Saturday 23rd April, 3 – 5:30 pm

Join surfer and yogi Natalie Fox for a water themed yin-yang workshop on Saturday 23rd April.  Delve into meditative yin to first relax the mind and explore the connective tissue and joints (specifically the hips). Mindfully transition into a yang vinyasa flow incorporating balancing postures to stabilise and inversions to challenge our comfort zone.

So much of the core strength, flexibility, focus and proprioception we develop through yoga can be transferred to dancing on the oceans waves. But you do not need to be a surfer to take this workshop!  Come to gain more awareness of the body-mind connection and feel into the different energies of yin and yang, using your body as a vehicle of exploration.

Breathe, stretch, strengthen and witness the transformation.




DATE: Saturday 16th April, 3 – 6 pm

This Backbending workshop is all about the emotional effect, anatomical details, safe preparation and key muscles in Backbends. Only when understanding how your body actually works, you can get the most out of your practice.

In this workshop you will learn how to strengthen and lengthen the right muscles, how to safely move in and out of Backbends and which Q’s help you to feel the muscles you need to engage. We will look at each and everyone’s personal experience to understand anatomical differences and how to work with them. Backbends help us to keep our spine healthy and by opening up our heart center, they open us up to the world!


MEDITATION WORKSHOP – Finding Peace of Mind

DATE: Saturday 2nd April, 3-5pm

Since thousands of years people have used meditation techniques to quiet the mind and to find greater self understanding. It gives us a peace of mind that helps us to have a much better perception about our lives.
Meditation has not only a positive effect on the mind but also on the body. It lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure and provides a restful sleep.

This workshop is an introduction – we will explore different forms of meditation and you will be given the tools to continue this beautiful practice by yourself.

Christina syms

FORREST YOGA INTENSIVE – Inversions and Standing Pose Series

DATE: Saturday 19th March, 3-5.30pm

A Forrest Yoga Intensive, is a workshop that was initially conceptualized by Ana Forrest as a part of her Foundation Teacher Training. A FY intensive will take you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your very being. The intensive will begin with an intention and pranayama practice to awaken and bring you into your body, followed by a slow warm up of seated asanas and forrest yoga core work. The intensive gradually progresses into the Hot Part of Sun Salutations, Inversions and a Standing Pose Series, all uniquely sequenced to open you to amazing depths and feelings of awareness. It will close with a cool down and deep relaxation in Savasana. An intensive is a sacred space where you feel safe to open up, work with issues that arise and go beyond your perceived limitations. It will challenge every muscle and cell in your body, create space for healing, help you connect to your spirit and leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and alive.



DATE: Sunday 28th February 4-6 pm


This workshop takes you through some of the technical challenges of Ashtanga Yoga; jump backs, jump throughs and arm balances. Jumping back and through and are closely connected to arm balances: knowing one, you pretty much know the other – and therefore, we will practice them both in this workshop giving flight, lightness and fun to your practice!

ellen johanesen


DATE: Saturday / Sunday 20th / 21st February  4-6 pm

INVESTMENT: 2500LKR, 4800 for both

Ashtanga Yoga, whether you practice it at home or in a class situation, is designed to be a self- practice system. In this workshop we will look at how it`s main feature, the breathing-counting system (vinyasa) enables you to develop a self- practice suited to your own capacity and level. By learning this essential aspect of the practice, you can delve into a deeply meditative and personal practice, which you can take anywhere! The second day of the course we will explore Yoga as a path to self-transformation. We will look at how the methode expressed in Patanjali”s Yoga sutras can be practiced in order to calm your mind and reveal the truth of your own being.

This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced students.


ellen johanesen


Sunday 14th February, 11-1pm

Investment: 2500LKR

Get ready for valentines day and connect to your potential for limitless love and compassion! In this special Valentines Workshop we will first work with asanas designed to open your heart, to be courageous and compassionate. We will then finish off with a chakra meditation on loving kindness  – an ancient practice for boosting love for yourself and others!

magder procner


DATE: Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February 2016, 11am – 2pm

INVESTMENT: 3000LKR, 5500LKR for both workshops


Saturday 6th February 2016, 11am-2pm

* Alignment and basic anatomy of various backbending poses – from simple to more advanced. Safety and injury prevention – learning correct techniques that will release pressure from your lower back. Building body awreness and discovering your own tensions and limitations. Finding openness in your heart and throat chakra as well as emotional release. All levels are welcome!

The backbending workshop is an all-level workshop which is aimed at introducing techniques which will help you understand backbending poses and teach you to perform these poses safely, creating space in your heart and releasing tensions accumulated over the years.


7th February 2016, 11am-2pm

* Alignment techniques for a variety of arm balance poses, from simple to more advanced

* Building strength and body awareness and recognising your own weaknesses and limitations

* Changing your perspective – turning your world upside down and bringing the element of playfulness into your life

* All levels welcome!

The arm balance workshop will help to awaken your inner child and bring some playfulness into your life, at the same time building strength and body awareness. We will explore a variety of arm balances for all levels – from beginner to more advanced, discussing correct alignment and muscle activation.

jessica hatfield

Yoga and Dance Infusion Workshop

DATE: 9th, 15th & 23rd January

INVESTMENT: 2500LKR per session

Guided by release technique, the focus is to explore softness and fluidity in the body. We will begin with a warm-up to awaken the awareness within the body and go on to explore release based dance movements in to a creative flow guided through synchronised breath.

Suitable for all levels; non-dancers and dancers, this workshop is for everyone looking to explore movement through sensations rather than according to aesthetical judgments. This easy flowing yoga workshop is designed to open up the body and mind and to encourage freedom and expression!

ellen johanesen

DATE:  Sunday´s 10th & 17th January 2016, 11am-1pm

INVESTMENT:  2500LKR or 4500LKR for both workshops

Sunday 10th January 11am – 1pm


Sunday 17th January 11am-1pm  


Born in Norway and a yoga teacher for more than 17 years, took up yoga during her career as a professional dancer. She first encountered Ashtanga Yoga during a tour to New York in 1994, and has practiced ever since. She utilizes her in depth knowledge of the body and mind to teach yoga adapted to any level of practitioner. She is an KPJAYI authorized level 2 Ashtanga yoga teacher and she also holds a teacher training certificate from John Scott. in 2002 she co-founded the first Ashtanga studio in Oslo, Norway. Ashtanga Yoga Oslo where she was the principal teacher in charge of Mysore program. A growing interest in Buddhism brought her forst to Bylakuppe, South India where she spent about three years living in a Tibetan Monastery. She then moved to Kathmandu where she, after completing a Tibetan translator training course, earned a degree in Buddhist studies & Himalayan Languages from Kathmandu university. She currently works as a yoga teacher for Pranayama Yoga, Kathmandu.


DATE: Friday 1st January / Saturday 2nd January / Sunday 3rd January 2016

INVESTMENT: All 3 workshops 5500LKR, 2 Workshops 4000LKR and 1 Workshop 2500LKR

New Year Weekend Special

BUILDING A STRONG PRACTICE, Friday 1st January 3pm-5pm

Examine of the architecture of a dynamic practice safely and skillfully. Foundations of a full range of asana, including twists, inversions, back-bending and arm balancing.

THE OTHER 7 LIMBS, Saturday 2nd January 3-5pm

A practical and approachable look at the other limbs of Yoga, using the Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita as a guide. This workshop offers different answers to the question “how to be a yogi” on and off the mat. Incorporates a mix of meditation techniques, intuitive asana, chanting and pranayama.

INTRO TO ASHTANGA, Sunday 3rd January, 3-5pm

In which we approach the Primary Series like a sandwich, and break it down one layer (or bite) at a time. This is a popular, comprehensive workshop designed for all levels, but especially for those curious about deepening their understanding of Asthanga as a system of yoga and primary practice.


sarah lowe

Yin Yang Yoga Workshops

DATE: Saturday 26th December & Sunday 27th December

INVESTMENT: 2 Workshops 4000LKR and 1 Workshop 2500LKR

Find balance in these progressive classes pairing dynamic yang practices with deep yin stretches.

Our time together will be a complaining of pranayama (breath work), and flowing, meditative sequences, complemented by held, intentional stretches designed to ease tension in the body and cultivate a sense of calm.

Join us for this peaceful practice to refresh and renew for the new year!



lauren lee

Elemental Flow

DATES: Monday 21st/ Tuesday 22nd/ Wednesday 23rd December, 3-5.30pm

INVESTMENT: 3 day workshop 5500LKR, 2 days only 4000LKR, 1 day 2500 LKR

Explore the power of the elements through this unique 3 day workshop. Experience a different element each days as Lauren effortlessly fuses ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and practices through breath, movement and music. Flow through Asana (mindful movement), Pranayama (breath control), Meditation and Philosophy to awaken your internal wisdom and deepen your connection with Mother Nature.

Lauren is dedicated to teaching the traditional practices of yoga in accessible, creative and inspiring ways. Through intelligent sequencing and intuition, Lauren offers a fusion of alignment based Vinyasa Flow and Hatha. Her classes are empowering, grounding and well integrated through mindful movement, breath work and stillness.

21st Dec. 3-5pm EARTH “Stability in Motion”

Prithvi brings our stability to maintain structural integrity. Rooted within our physical alignment.

Expect strengthening, grounding asana focused on alignment and Muladhara chakra.

Experience soothing pranayama and meditiation to balance the body and mind.

22nd Dec. 3-5pm WATER “Fluid Harmony”

JALA brings the qualities of movement, power and creativity. Circulation of our internal bodies – blood, fluids and prana are awakened.

Expect fluid movemnet with breath. Emphasis will be places on transitions and Svadhisthana Chakra.

Experience energizing pranayama and meditation to balance the body and mind.

23rd Dec. 3-5pm FIRE “Transformation”

Agni represents intensity, radiance and inspiration. Fire is action and brings change through its purifying energy.

Expect heating movements focused on the bhandas, abdominal region and Manupura chakra.

Experience invigorating pranayama and meditation to balance the body and mind.

lucy mccarthy - (bruegger)

Introduction to Forrest Yoga

DATE: SUNDAY 20th December, 11am -1pm


 Forrest yoga has been developed by Ana Forrest over 30 years to address the physical and emotional stresses and challenges of today’s people. Forrest Yoga is a dynamic practice built on the pillars of Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.

A great part of the uniqueness of Forrest Yoga is the sequencing – embracing exercises that generate energy in the core and work to unwind the neck, shoulders, hips and spine. The sequencing is brilliant for building strength, stability and flexibility, and is very effective for creating healing around injuries.

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to discover the wonders and tools of Forrest Yoga, moving towards creating profound changes in the way that you work. A strong and steady sequence of Pranayama, Core Work, Inversions and Standing Poses will guide you through an experience of unravelling habitual tension, illuminating feeling in areas of ‘numbness’.

Forrest yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires that you bring an open mind. This workshop is suitable for all levels and modifications will be offered.

nik robson

Yin State of Mind – Medicine for the modern world

DATE: SUNDAY 13th December 10am-12pm & 7-9pm

INVESTMENT: Both Workshops 4000LKR, Single Workshop 2500LK

Introducing Yin – 10-12 Noon
The philosophy, science, benefits & practice of Yin Yoga.

Dragon Flow – 7-9pm
A Yin/Yang flow to open the hips set to live music

Yin Yoga is a slow introspective style of Yoga which focuses on the deeper connective tissues of the body. It is a great complement to yang styles of yoga such as Hatha & Vinyasa.