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with Sandun (blind therapist)

Bookings at the Sri Yoga Shala Reception / phone / whats app: +94765691672

Japanese Acupressure Technique with visually impaired, local therapist. Sandun has been working with us since the beginning. His magic hands have been praised by many.

60/90min 6,500 / 8,000LKR


Body Wellness

With Sophie

Back Neck shoulders 40 min 6,500LKR

Exceptional for muscles aches and pains for your back,neck and shoulders.

Reflexology or Thai foot massage 40 min 6,500LKR

It's believed that the internal organs are connected to the sole.The pressure points are stimulated to kick start the healing process inherent in the body that brings about balance and deep relaxation. give the treat your feet deserved.

Lymphatic Drainage - Foot massage and Leg 40min 6,500LKR

A wonder full treatment that stimulated lymph flow. Eliminates toxins and reduces leg swelling.

Full body Massage 60 min 8,000LKR / 90 min 10,000LKR

Experience the therapeutic power of essential oil in a relaxing and restorative full body massage that combines the sense of the smell and the healing power of energy and touch.

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Yoga of Touch

Full body massage for women

With Laurence Morlon

Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic massage of the abhyanga type,

this complete massage alternates deep tissue, rythmic and fluid strokes, activates the blood circulation, detoxifies, and releaves the body of muscular and nervous tensions.

It also integrates a touch of extreme slowness along the spine and the back which awakens the body to sensitivity, connects with the flow of subtle energy channels (nadis), and balances the body/mind/breath to a state of oneness.

In Ayurveda, the anointing of the body is called Abhyanga. It has been used for centuries for rejuvenating and providing softness, strength and glow to the skin.

60 min 8,000LKR / 90 min 10,000LKR