Sri Yoga Shala is a natural sanctuary designed to nourish our bodies, minds, and hearts back into alignment and wellbeing. This is a space for creation and unity.

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12th October - 14th November 2019

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Eva Priyanka Wegener

Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Germany - My first insights into Yoga & Meditation were on my first trip to Sri Lanka, almost 20 years ago. A few years later I started teaching. My initial former 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training was held at the Yoga Shala Berlin in 2007, conducted by Henning Scheel (who studied with Shiva Rea) and Andrej Lappa / Universal Yoga, followed by a 300 hour training in 2013 with the team of Louisa Sear / Yoga Arts Australia and so many more hours of study along the way - with Daniel Odier (Kashmir Shaivism), at the Krishnamarchaya Institute, with Sri Nanda Kumar (Senior Iyengar teacher), at the Dayananada Ashram (Institute for Vedanta), with David Swenson, Clive Sheridan, Ana Forrest, Sally Kempton…….. and more recently with Sianna Sherman / Rasa Yoga, her partner Masood Ali Khan/Bhakti Yoga, Shiva Rea / Lunar Arts and ongoingly by Louisa Sear´s Yoga Arts / Kashmir Shaivism, Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda.

In 2015 together with my partner Mahendra, I created Sri Yoga Shala: a centre for yoga, meditation, movement, bodywork, arts and creativity on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, the country I chose to live in since 2012.

“My intention, as much in my own practice as in my teachings is the fostering of the connection to our core, our innate wisdom teacher, the potential for instant joy and our capacity for self healing.”


Tara Germani

Sattvic Sadhana

With respect and curiosity for the living art and ritual of yoga, I have had the privilege of studying under many amazing teachers in different styles – completing the RYT 500 at Radiantly Alive with Daniel Aaron and Edward Clarke (Tripsichore) in Ubud Bali - with a focus in advanced sequencing and Prenatal Vinyasa. Having further spent time deepening my understanding of the chakra system, Ayurveda and meditation techniques with Shiva Rea and Demetri Velisarius in Los Angeles and India; and many hours of self exploration on and off the mat at home. This practice has taken me to many trainings, workshops, retreats, classes, beaches, rooftops, parks and decks around the world.

Above all I feel a deep curiosity about our human capacity and creative potential and feel humbled to share the essence of my findings in the form of Sattvic Vinyasa here in Sri Lanka.

Wishing you loving kindness on your path,


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Serena Burgess

The Om Space / Colombo

British Wheel of Yoga, UK Qualified, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance UK and certified International AcroYoga teacher, Serena has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 13, both in the UK and Sri Lanka.

She founded The Om Space yoga studio in Colombo, teaches multiple classes a week, has written a weekly yoga column for the national press, runs a home and is the hands-on Mama of two.

Needless to say, Life is full and it is her yoga practice that keeps her centred.

Serena believes in the transformational power of yoga as a sustainable source of happiness, allowing us to tap into our unique energy.

Experience for yourself some the vitality that fuels Serena's life and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Fiona Raymond

Fiona discovered the transformational effect of Kundalini Yoga in South America, having left a stressful job as a lawyer in London. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 16 years is presently a full time Kundalini yoga teacher & Professional Trainer in the Aquarian Academy where she runs Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings in Sri Lanka where she lives.

Fiona is a passionate and dedicated teacher whose classes are a safe space to explore your inward journey, to discover your unique potential. Her mission is to inspire you to be best and clearest You, you can be. Her background in the corporate world enables her to build a bridge of understanding between yogic technology and the real world.

She writes an inspirational blog with practical ways of bringing yogic lifestyle, philosophy and emotional intelligence into everyday living.


Nazareno Grisolia

Nazareno Grisolia was born and raised in a small village of Uruguay, South America.He started his passion for movement and martial arts started as a young child with Judo, kung fu, sipalki, boxing, karate ( he was like a little ninja). His Martial arts practice helped his concentration, body awareness and commitment.

He was introduced to Yoga in 2004 where you started to practice ashtanga yoga. This again started to inspire a new way to move the body and focus the mind.Through the practice of meditation and continuous study of Yoga in classes, books and videos he started to see changes with in him self in body and mind as he experimented with his practices and then realized that his mind and body were capable of much more than he ever thought.He continues to grown and develop his knowledge of Yoga through practices continuing learning.

Nazareno is Influenced and inspired with teaching vinyasa flows. He is a playful, joyous teacher who loves to share his passions with creativity and play.


Lisa Andersson-Rhodiner

I was born and raised in southern Sweden, at heart though - I feel like world citizen.

I feel just as much home in Portugal, Sweden and Bali.

I love yoga. Teaching it. Practising it. Living it. The way it makes me feel. I love healthy vibrant beautiful food. Preparing it. Capturing it. Sharing it.

I thrive of being surrounded by, and connecting to likeminded, uplifting people. Sharing ideas and collaborate on uplifting projects. I wish to be of service. To live fully, knowing that I've done something good for this world.

What you can expect in my classes

In my classes you can expect slow yet strength building sequences drawing inspiration from different styles of yoga and teachers I've learnt from. Sometimes I share a poem in class, put on a yummy playlist, invite free flowing movement and other times my classes are more structured and I give more space for silence. Every class is different from the other. That's what I love about Vinyasa Flow - the endless creativity and freedom it gives me.

As much as I like to invite you to play and challenge yourself, absorbing the heat - I'll always encourage your to listen to your body and be true to yourself and your practice.

Apart from Vinyasa Flow I also teach Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Partner yoga.

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Cyril Martin

Holistic Therpist

Over the past 10 years, I dedicated my life to developing my spiritual and holistic practices, combining several modalities to help an individual who would like to take their health into their own hands, as I did. This is how I coach any individual who needs guidance to take care of him- or herself, discover real happiness and real peace, with the help of a combination of modalities as described in this website, and share my knowledge by teaching different type of classes.

The Jag Therapy Centre, a clinic dedicated to natural medicines and healing techniques where I spent 24 months studying and practicing yoga therapy, nutrition, soft and connective tissue manipulation, as well as chakra balancing.

The Californian Hypnosis Institute of India, where I completed all five levels of certification.

The SVYASA Yoga University of Bangalore, where I completed the Yoga instructor course with a focus on Yoga therapy.

Atma Vikasa center of yogic science.

Vipassana Centres, where I learned meditation, which I continue practicing daily, in addition to sitting and serving in several 10 day meditation retreats in France, Spain, Australia, India and more recently in Thailand learning from the Theravada tradition.


Ayurvedic Consultation

with Marjorie

Bookings at the Sri Yoga Shala Reception / phone / whats app: +94765691672


60-90min 10,000LKR

The constitution test is the first step to determine what is your true nature (Prakruti). Knowing your dosha ( Vata, Pitta, Kapha ) will help you to understand how you function naturally physical, mentally and emotionally.

From there, based on the result, we will together find what balances you. Once the constitution test is done, I will help you identify your actual state (Vikruti), what creates unbalance, and what can be improved in your daily life through very simple tips&tools. All doshas have specific characteristics, and some special food or habits can either balance or disturb them.

"I believe in an urban and modern approach of Ayurveda. During an individual consultation, my goal is to help you introduce some simple Ayurvedic principles in your busy life. No overcontrolling, or strict discipline, only knowledge and awareness is needed, think "Butterfly Effect".Sometimes the smallest change has the biggest effect!"

During this hour long consultation, you will discover your original constitution and also determine the present imbalance to focus on.

Come as you are, bring a little note book and a pen to bring back home a few tips to improve your everyday routine.
Can't wait to meet you!

About me:

Marjorie had her first contact with yoga and meditation when she was 13 years old and since then, keeps looking into the mind-body-soul connection. She is a Vinyasa teacher and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. She is French but lived in over 6 countries and travels as much as possible to learn and share her love for yoga and alternative therapies.

"I work with Ayurveda, and alternative therapies for over 13 years, I regularly practice Yoga for over 8, part of it in US. I truly believe that the secret to be happy and healthy is to combine an appropriate yoga practice, mediation and breath, and an intuitive and personal approach to Ayurveda.

My extended background in Ayurveda began in Portugal in 2005. I was an Ayurvedic massage therapist (Method Kusum Modak, Pune) for over 7 years. I now share my love for Ayurveda through Holistic Ayurvedic consultations. An Ayurvedic approach based on individual coaching that helps create an easy and healthy diet and habits, but also understand our true nature, create awareness to find a physical, mental and emotional balance.

I have been traveling around Europe and some parts of the world, learning, experimenting, diving into different therapies and sciences in order to find the mind-body-soul connection, the connection from lower self to the higher self and help people finding theirs."


Inversion Bodywork

with Hubert

Hangab – Inversion Bodywork
Sliding scale 12,000-15,000LKR / 90min

Let go – realign – reset

In a Hangab-Session you are gently lifted into an inversion (either partly or full flying) step by step and so slow, that the body has time to adapt. It is the key to avoid uncomfortable pressure in the head.

Hangab allows you to release, let go and enter a stillpoint feeling with the sensation of flying, wellbeing and total relaxation.

Potential benefits: Relief and regeneration of the spine, discs, joints, release of emotions, tensions, traumas, a reset of the body, energy system, increased activation of self-healing powers, balance of pelvic obliquity and many more benefits...(For more Info, read our test with a doctor, osteopath and kinesiologist at

Description: Going up as slow as possible is the key. From a laying relaxation, only the legs are lifted, we give a brief introduction and help you to relax. In the next step we lift the pelvis of the floor and continue step by step into half candle and shoulderstand. Going up can take up to 20-25 min which is the required speed for the body to adjust to the inversion allowing you to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. You will be guided into different pleasant positions, stretches, soft swinging and intuitive work. Wether we do a Hangab-Ground Session(up until shoulderstand) or go all the way into Hangab-Flying, the mind shuts off and tensions relax. Letting go can be physical, mental, emotional or silent. In every case it is a deep journey into yourself, very often perceived as an experience out of time and space.

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I have the privilege to teach in this beautiful shala, and I highly recommend it, lovely set up, amazing yoga and an experience just to be there, Eva is doing an amazing job to run a yoga place like this in Sri Lanka. If you are around do not hesitate to come and join a class or workshop, highly highly recommend it.
— Alicia Pulgarzita
An amazing yoga shala. It’s stunningly beautiful, set in lush jungle. The infinity pool is perfect for a pre or post class dip. I had the pleasure of attending classes and workshops during the last full moon, fantastic! World class teachers who taught with a lot of soul. A must to return to.
— Dora Wood

Incredible place to practice, a slice of heaven. I was lucky enough to be there when the amazing Heidi Goldman was teaching and wow what an introduction to Iyengar .
Vinyasa with the beautiful Yamuna Devi was breathtaking. Yin with Jessimun was fabulous and Core flow with Monica was fun . Each class followed by cinnamon tea then a swim in the infinity pool. A truly magical place that I look forward to visiting next year.
— Rebecca Jackson

A paradise on Earth. Wonderful experience, perfect place for a yoga retreat. Very helpful staff and a stunning view. I think it was the most amazing shala I have ever had the opportunity to practice at. Most recommended for all travelers ;-) See you there one day!
— Magdelana Zajac

Highly recommended. The Shala is in a lovely setting and is beautiful with wooden floor and open sides for the breeze. The Vinyasa flow class I went to was great- and the teacher was excellent and gave you lots of confidence. I was disappointed I was only passing through so couldn’t have stayed for more classes.
— Paula Kingdon




Durage Watta,
Sri Lanka.

Sri Yoga Shala is located on the south west coast of Sri Lanka, 7 km south of Galle, 1,5 km inland from Wijaya Beach.

+94 76 5691672

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