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5 X CLASS PASS 1,520LKR (Per class)

10 X CLASS PASS 1,300LKR (per class)

The Foundatin of Flow - Vinyasa Worskhop with Lisa & Nazareno

Date: 2nd of February

Time: 1-3pm

Price : 3,500LKR

Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop with Marjorie

Date: 7th of Februar

Time: 11.30am - 1.30pm

Price : 3,500 LKR

OM - let our breath be our practice. Workshop with Ditty

Date: 9th of Februar

Time: 11.30am - 1.30pm

Price : 3,500 LKR

Celebration of Love - Partner yoga Workshop with Lisa & Nazareno

Date: 14th of Februar

Time: 1 - 3pm

Price : 4,000 LKR




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Eva Priyanka Wegener

Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Germany, Eva studied political science, sociology, contemporary dance / performance art and yoga in both Europe and Asia.

Meditation and yoga became part of her life since her first journey to Sri Lanka and her first encounter with Meditation at Nilambe Meditation Centre. About 15 years later she created Sri Yoga Shala, a holistic outdoor retreat space set in midst the Sri Lankan jungle, close to the shores of the Indian Ocean. Sri Yoga Shala is a space for yoga, arts and bodywork: a platform that aims to create spaciousness and spontaneous community.

Eva teaches a slow flowing Hatha Vinyasa style. She draws inspiration from several yogic techniques and lineages. Dance, performance, movement, therapy and yoga unite in a meditative class which aims to sow a seed for the pursuit of living a life in alignment.

Her first formal Vinyasa Teacher training was in 2007 at the Yoga Shala Berlin in Germany and her 500hrs YA certification with Louisa Sear / Yoga Arts Australia in 2013. She also studied at the KYM (Krishnamarchaya Institute), Iyengar Yoga with senior teacher Nanda Kumar while also studying Vedanta at the Swami Dayananda Ashram in Rishikesh, Ashtanga with Sachidananda in Mysore, with David Swenson (cert. Advanced Course), Ana Forrest (cert. Advanced course), Shiva Rea (Lunar Arts), Sianna Sherman, Sally Kempton, Andrej Lappa, Clive Sheridan and others.....

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Tara Germani

With respect and curiosity for the living art and ritual of yoga, I have had the privilege of studying under many amazing teachers in different styles – completing the RYT 500 at Radiantly Alive with Daniel Aaron and Edward Clarke (Tripsichore) in Ubud Bali - with a focus in advanced sequencing and Prenatal Vinyasa. Having further spent time deepening my understanding of the chakra system, Ayurveda and meditation techniques with Shiva Rea and Demetri Velisarius in Los Angeles and India; and many hours of self exploration on and off the mat at home. This practice has taken me to many trainings, workshops, retreats, classes, beaches, rooftops, parks and decks around the world.

Above all I feel a deep curiosity about our human capacity and creative potential and feel humbled to share the essence of my findings in the form of Sattvic Vinyasa here in Sri Lanka.

Wishing you loving kindness on your path,


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Serena Burgess

The Om Space / Colombo

British Wheel of Yoga, UK Qualified, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance UK and certified International AcroYoga teacher, Serena has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 13, both in the UK and Sri Lanka.

She founded The Om Space yoga studio in Colombo, teaches multiple classes a week, has written a weekly yoga column for the national press, runs a home and is the hands-on Mama of two.

Needless to say, Life is full and it is her yoga practice that keeps her centred.

Serena believes in the transformational power of yoga as a sustainable source of happiness, allowing us to tap into our unique energy.

Experience for yourself some the vitality that fuels Serena's life and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Nazareno Grisolia

Nazareno Grisolia was born and raised in a small village of Uruguay, South America.He started his passion for movement and martial arts started as a young child with Judo, kung fu, sipalki, boxing, karate ( he was like a little ninja). His Martial arts practice helped his concentration, body awareness and commitment.

He was introduced to Yoga in 2004 where you started to practice ashtanga yoga. This again started to inspire a new way to move the body and focus the mind.Through the practice of meditation and continuous study of Yoga in classes, books and videos he started to see changes with in him self in body and mind as he experimented with his practices and then realized that his mind and body were capable of much more than he ever thought.He continues to grown and develop his knowledge of Yoga through practices continuing learning.

Nazareno is Influenced and inspired with teaching vinyasa flows. He is a playful, joyous teacher who loves to share his passions with creativity and play.


Lisa Andersson-Rhodiner

I was born and raised in southern Sweden, at heart though - I feel like world citizen.

I feel just as much home in Portugal, Sweden and Bali.

I love yoga. Teaching it. Practising it. Living it. The way it makes me feel. I love healthy vibrant beautiful food. Preparing it. Capturing it. Sharing it.

I thrive of being surrounded by, and connecting to likeminded, uplifting people. Sharing ideas and collaborate on uplifting projects. I wish to be of service. To live fully, knowing that I've done something good for this world.

What you can expect in my classes

In my classes you can expect slow yet strength building sequences drawing inspiration from different styles of yoga and teachers I've learnt from. Sometimes I share a poem in class, put on a yummy playlist, invite free flowing movement and other times my classes are more structured and I give more space for silence. Every class is different from the other. That's what I love about Vinyasa Flow - the endless creativity and freedom it gives me.

As much as I like to invite you to play and challenge yourself, absorbing the heat - I'll always encourage your to listen to your body and be true to yourself and your practice.

Apart from Vinyasa Flow I also teach Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Partner yoga.


Cyril Martin

Healing Therapies

Bookings at the Sri Yoga Shala Reception / phone / whats app: +94765691672

Consultation 15min free

Fascia Therapy

45min / 8,000LKR

A blend of Massage, Aromatherapy and restorative movement based on yoga postures in combination with the manipulation of the soft and connective tissues (fascia). You will enjoy the benefit of an oil massage and the eastern approach of the energy body. Very good in case of deep, chronic and serious pain.

Naturopathic Health Constitution

45min / 8,000LKR

Combines all modalities, eyes and pulse reading, traditional chinese medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal medicine. We’ll define where your pain or ailment is coming from and how to eradicate it from your lifestyle. A summary will be sent by email.

Zen Thai Massage

60min / 8,000LKR

A soft but efficient Thai Massage Technique which travelled around Asia. We’ll work your body out using gentle stretch and pressure points to activate your meridians. You will leave the space energized and rejunevated.

Yoga Therapy

60min / 12,500LKR 5 x sessions 50,000LKR

Together we will tailor a routine for your specific needs, using a postural practice to address any physical ailments. There are over 100 postures to address over 30 different types of ailments.

Chakra Healing

60min / 8,000LKR

Combining sound healing, gemstones and mantras, both the practitioner and the receiver enter a meditative state to receive a deep sense of peace and happiness and allow the energies to flow naturally. Discover how light and peaceful you can be without any effort.

Californian Hypnosis

120min / 16,000LKR

This technique is based on north American Indian Shamanism and traditional Hypnosis. Useful in case of emotional, relational or behavioral issues or patterns. It encourages self-healing by allowing the individual to work on the emotional and mental while accessing the subconscious mind with the support of the therapist who guides the session. Age regression, past life regression, higher self therapies are some of the tools used in here.

About Cyril:

For 7 consecutive years Cyril studied all the proposed modalities with Doctor Iyengar Jagadish, a family member of TKV Krishnamacharya (also called "the father of modern yoga") in Mysore. He completed the curriculum of the Californian Hypnosis Insititute of India.

Cyril has a daily yoga and meditation practice since almost 15 years. He is there to accompany you on this healing journey with knowledge and compassion.