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We are so grateful to have beautiful Mischa Varmuza with us throughout June and July and perhaps a bit longer!

Read more about Mischa including her recent newsletter further down on this page!



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Dance & Meditation

with Daniel Matallana

Saturday 20th July 2019

3-5pm / 2,500LKR

Dance and Meditation Workshop

"The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness. When we meditate we wake up. When we dance we get down and juicy with ourselves, we have fun and release all the heaviness we carry around. In the dance we get real, get free... Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness."
Gabriel Roth

Join us on a transformational journey through the power of dance and meditation. For the first time at Sri Yoga Shala, this workshop is your opportunity to rebalance your energies and deepen your meditation practice while enjoying irresistible music. Regardless of your prior experience, we welcome you to a safe space for healing, self-awareness, and celebration.

About your guide:
Daniel Matallana is a Colombian philosopher, MA dance psychotherapist, and meditation teacher. Over the last decade, he has lived and traveled through Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle-East in a personal quest to learn from the greatest teachers on earth: from Amazonian shamans to clinical psychologists. He is passionate about spreading joy through movement, stillness and creative expression.



Eva Abhaya Hridaya Mudra .jpg

Eva Priyanka Wegener

Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Germany, Eva studied political science, sociology, contemporary dance / performance art and yoga in both Europe and Asia.

Meditation and yoga became part of her life since her first journey to Sri Lanka and her first encounter with Meditation at Nilambe Meditation Centre. About 15 years later she created Sri Yoga Shala, a holistic outdoor retreat space set in midst the Sri Lankan jungle, close to the shores of the Indian Ocean. Sri Yoga Shala is a space for yoga, arts and bodywork: a platform that aims to create spaciousness and spontaneous community.

Eva teaches a slow flowing kashmir shaivism inspried Hatha Vinyasa style. She draws inspiration from several yogic techniques and lineages. Dance, performance, movement therapy and yoga unite in a meditative, heart centred class which aims to sow a seed for the pursuit of living a joyful life in blissful alignment with oneself, the others and the planet.

Her first formal Vinyasa Teacher training was in 2007 at the Yoga Shala Berlin in Germany and her 500+hrs YA certification with Louisa Sear / Yoga Arts Australia in 2013. She studied at the KYM (Krishnamarchaya Institute), Iyengar Yoga with senior teacher Nanda Kumar, Vedanta at the Swami Dayananda Ashram in Rishikesh, Ashtanga with Sachidananda in Mysore, with David Swenson (cert. Advanced Course), Ana Forrest (cert. Advanced course), Shiva Rea (Lunar Arts), Sianna Sherman, Sally Kempton, Andrej Lappa, Clive Sheridan and others. Eva hols an E-RYT 500 / YA certificate.

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Serena Burgess

The Om Space / Colombo

British Wheel of Yoga, UK Qualified, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance UK and certified International AcroYoga teacher, Serena has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 13, both in the UK and Sri Lanka.

She founded The Om Space yoga studio in Colombo, teaches multiple classes a week, has written a weekly yoga column for the national press, runs a home and is the hands-on Mama of two.

Needless to say, Life is full and it is her yoga practice that keeps her centred.

Serena believes in the transformational power of yoga as a sustainable source of happiness, allowing us to tap into our unique energy.

Experience for yourself some the vitality that fuels Serena's life and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Fiona Raymond

Kundalini Yoga / Gong Bath

Fiona discovered the transformational effect of Kundalini Yoga in South America, having left a stressful job as a lawyer in London. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 16 years is presently a full time Kundalini yoga teacher & Professional Trainer in the Aquarian Academy where she runs Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings in Sri Lanka where she lives.

Fiona is a passionate and dedicated teacher whose classes are a safe space to explore your inward journey, to discover your unique potential. Her mission is to inspire you to be best and clearest You, you can be. Her background in the corporate world enables her to build a bridge of understanding between yogic technology and the real world.

She writes an inspirational blog with practical ways of bringing yogic lifestyle, philosophy and emotional intelligence into everyday living.

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Mischa Varmuza

Mischa first experienced Yoga's capacity for transformation and self discovery over a decade ago and has since remained dedicated to the study and practice of the ancient wisdom tradition. She is continually humbled by the practice; the way in which it inspires growth and invites a profound experience of the fullness of life itself. She is devoted to exploring the unfolding of the Self, to realising the innate freedom and Love that resides within each of us.

Mischa holds enormous gratitude for leading vinyasa flow teacher Claire Missingham with whom she completed her initial 200 hours TT in 2012 with and went on to assist for some time afterwards. Claire’s year long training was very influential in inspiring a sincere commitment to honour the roots of yoga whilst being relevant to modern times and practitioners.

Mischa met her main teacher and mentor, Sianna Sherman in 2013, a meeting which continues to shape, influence and guide her path. She completed a 300 hours TT with Sianna in 2015 and has since then been in apprenticeship with her, assisting on workshops and trainings globally. Mischa is now a lead teacher for Sianna’s school, Rasa Yoga.

Mischa also has an Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga practice and has studied at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai. She continues to spend extensive time in India visiting sacred sites and practicing under the guidance of true masters of yoga. In 2018 she began practicing Tantra under Guruji Rajkumar and studying at the Bihar School of Yoga within the lineage of Swami Satyananda at Rikhiapeeth Ashram.

Mischa’s life is determined by her sadhana (spiritual practice). She has been exploring India’s sacred heart for over ten years and shares a layered and heartfelt practice which reflects the adventure and texture of this. The practice is rich with mantra, philosophy, myth, chanting, meditation and ritual. Classes are immersive and include creative sequencing, a deep focus on breath and alignment and combinations of strong steady flows and longer holds to both uplift and tap into the stillness whilst allowing for deep listening and integration. Mischa's teaching is passionate and authentic, her intention is to both inspire and empower whilst holding a space for individuals to open, reflect and restore. You will be taken on a joyful journey of internal and external unfolding.


The Supreme Soul That Is The Truth

Mischa´s recent Newsletter: