Candle-lit Aroma Yin

with Emma

Date: Monday 7th and 21st 

Time: 6-8pm 

Cost: 2,500LKR 


"Practicing yin yoga is supporting us to deepen the relationship with our own emotions through the body.

During are practice we gonna gently flow from one asana to the another, experiencing the cycles of creation and moments of dissolutions, meanwhile tapping into the sense of timelessness.

Our focus is on the Liver and Gallbladder Meridians, which supports the body’s natural digestive and detoxification functions. With each passing exhalation inviting a sense of softness in order to let go of mental and physical toxins or tensions. 

We are going to use 100% natural blended essential oils to explore new dimensions of our own " beingness" . 

Inviting you to look inside and become aware of your emotional state and presence. A personalized essential oil will be assigned to each person to balance emotions and align your state of mind towards a calmer and more positive space, a state of joy, comfort, and belonging.



Dance & Movement 

with Emma

Date: Friday 11th May  

Time: 6-7.30pm 

Cost: 1,500LKR

Come join us for 90 minutes of free-flow dance and
movement, influenced by the work of Gabrielle Roth, Authentic Movement,Conscious Movement and Improvisational Dance. It is
a time let loose, work out your body aches, explore your range of body movement from high energy to stillness, and just have fun. Come with an open mind and heart, with no plans or intentions, and let the music move in and out of you. Wear comfortable clothes. 

No experience necessary. 

All welcome!

Lally Anahata.jpg

Nourishing Anahata Chakra

with Lally

Date: Saturday 19th 

Time: 1-3.30pm 

Cost: 2,800LKR


This workshops focuses on practices which activates, unlocks or balance the fourth Chakra, Anahata or Heart Chakra.

Some of the symptoms of a blocked Heart Chakra are the following, feelings towards loneliness, unable to give or to receive, holding on unresolved emotional traumas, insecurity and fear on relationships, anger, social anxiety and shyness. 

This is a heart opening relaxing and restorative session with the aim to connect with your heart and restore the power of your energy chakra. Healing with your own energy and embarking yourself on a journey towards joy, gratitude, trust, compassion and love. 

Furthermore, the session will also offer an interactive chat on how to activate the heart Chakra off the mat, through colours, mudras, affirmations and crystals. 

A vibrating guided meditation will close the workshop.

All levels are welcome


Roll & Release

with Emma 

Date: Monday 28th 

Time: 6-8pm 

Price: 2,500LKR 

Do you feel stiff and tired in your muscles? Would you like to increase flexibility in your body? Would you like to learn some amazing self- massage techniques?

The Roll & Release workshop with "Yoga Tune-up balls" is a method of deep-tissue self-massage that eases and eliminates pain, increases flexibility, and leaves your body feeling delicious!

Self-myofascial massage techniques work by targeting the web of connective tissue which runs throughout the body, surrounding our muscles and fibres.


Gong Bath - healing sounds session

with Shaunagh

Date: 2nd of June

Time: 6-7.30pm 

Cost: 2,000LKR / 1,000LKR Kids


Immerse and disappear into the healing vibration of the Gong. The sound of the gong allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind. Please come join this extraordinary experience!

No previous yoga experience required.


Acro Yoga 


with Serena 

Date: Sunday, June 3rd

Times: 11.30-2.30pm 

Investement: 3,500LKR 

After a great success of our EASTER ACRO YOGA & BRUNCH with Serena Burgess, founder of The Om Space in Colombo - mark your calendars for the next one - first Sunday in June!  

Serena is the first qualified Acro Yoga teacher based in Sri Lanka! Join her for safe, detailed instruction and get to know more about Acro Yoga. 

No previous yoga experience required.


July with Gypsy  

Sri Lanka retreat

Beautiful Offerings throughout the month of JULY with Gypsy Bast at Sri Yoga Shala........... 

Beside daily Drop In classes Gypsy is offering the following workshos: 

July 7/8- Weekend Workshops - 
Freedom - for Neck and Shoulders on July 7th
Freedom - for Lower Back and Sacrum on July 8th

July 14/ 15th - Weekend Workshops-
Intro to Meditation & Yoga Nidra

July 20/21 - Weekend Workshops - 
Yoga Roots - Foundation and Alignment
Yoga Roots - 1st Chakra

July 24 - 28 5 Day Master Classes
Inspire, inform and deepen your practice and teachings with new skills - The master classes are for all levels - Each session runs 2.5 hours and allows time for Q&A with Gypsy to explore techniques that are practiced together. it´s a series and we ask that your devotion is in full presence. 

July 29 - Sound Chanting, Vibration and Mantra 6-7.30pm

A leading figure in the Bali and international Yoga world, Gypsy Bast has been dancing since a child and teaching Yoga, Meditation, Dance therapy, and Pilates for over 20 years. With a practice that evolves from multiple backgrounds of movement and meditation therapies, Gypsy is known for her uplifting attitude, and approachable abilities to work with all levels of people. Gypsy has traveled the world teaching retreats and performing, and has had opportunities to train Cirque du Soleil's "Totem" and "Corteo" shows in Yoga and Pilates. She coached children "at risk" of drugs and violence with Yoga and theatre, and toured internationally as a dancer/aerialist, hanging upside down from a chandelier (a great one for neck pain!). Gypsy Bast helps us learn intelligently, discover what's needed to re-educate, and source our own energy power. With practice... her teachings can open doors, but you must enter by yourself.